Does Your Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

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With all the responsibilities surrounding the care for trees, it’s easy to assume that owning a tree can get pretty expensive. Aside from the normal maintenance, you also have to remove the tree when the time comes. A lot of homeowners may be wondering if their insurance covers tree removal. Will it? 

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this. If you’re asking whether you can file an insurance claim to remove an upright tree, then no. They won’t cover it. If you’re asking if you can file a claim when the tree falls down, the answer is yes, but only if it damages any of portion your property.  

The thing is, the tree itself is not covered by the insurance. It does, however, cover your home. So, if the storm comes and it causes the tree to break and fall down on your fence, then the insurance company would most probably pay for the reconstruction of your fence. For the removal of tree, that’s a different story. You will likely have to pay to have it removed yourself.  

The Importance of Tree Care  

This only further emphasizes the importance of tree care. Like what they always say, prevention is better than cure. If you know for a fact that your tree is healthy and you always have it inspected prior to the storm season, then you won’t have problems about it falling on your property.  

It’s always better to get your trees braced before a storm. In case it’s old and weak, it has to be fully removed before it can cause any damage or injury. An arborist will help you decide between these options. If it was deemed that tree removal will serve you better, then the next thing to do is to find a reputable local tree removal service. 

How are Trees Removed? 

Trees are removed in a precise and accurate manner. You have to carefully plan for it, although the arborist and his crew will do most of the work. Getting your tree removed may take the entire day so be sure that to free your schedule if you intend to oversee the procedure. 

There will be special equipment that has to be used to ensure the safe removal of the tree. Hiring an arborist is highly advised, as they know exactly how to remove a tree without causing any damage to your lawn. Not much can be said for a man with an ax. This is why tree removal should never be considered as a DIY job. 

How to Go About Removing a Tree 

It’s highly advised that you become proactive with your tree care responsibilities. Be sure to give your trees a timely inspection all the time. If you note of any tree hazard, you have to call an arborist right away so you can get the risk assessed.  

They will tell you if you should remove just a branch or the entire tree altogether. Always seek the recommendations and advice of a learned tree expert. They are the best people to tell you whether or not you should remove your tree.  

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